Our Signature Program

Designing Accountability: Achieving Results

We quick-start RESULTS!

In this program, we quick-start results…for leaders and teams handcuffed by rapid growth, mergers/acquisitions, fear of failure, or avoidance of those dreaded, sticky conversations.

Our C3 System (Clarity ■ Collaboration ■ Celebration) supports leaders and teams to lean into uncertainty, build confidence and fast track results. Through open sharing of ideas, defining measurables results and clarifying mutual expectations, leaders and teams will co-create an accountability plan. Our system provides them with the tools and common language to hold themselves and others accountable to mutually agreed upon results and to measure progress.

Why does your team need this program?

This program will support your team to master having sticky conversations with ease, in a safe and experiential learning environment, reinforced with practice and reflection. Extremely relevant if your team is:

  • Avoiding sticky conversations because they feel awkward or emotionally charged.
  • Preparing and hosting vital conversations with stakeholders
  • Lacking confidence and/or courage to speak and contribute to conversations.
  • Challenged to set boundaries for themselves and their team; can’t say ‘no’.
  • Wanting guaranteed results and ROI on your investment!                                               

You, and your team will experience:

  • Increased clarity, confidence and competence that accelerate results.
  • A safe environment to co-create solutions that generate amazing outcomes.
  • A common language and tools to resolve real issues in real time, with sustainable results.

What Is It?

A series of experiential conversations co-facilitated by Marguerite LeBlanc and/or Linda Maul, two of Edmonton’s top coaches in 2021.  They are experienced leaders and coaches with over sixty years of experience between them. You will use your real life issues throughout the program as they guide your learning and application of that learning.

Together with leaders and their teams, we co-create an environment where:

  • With increasing confidence and the right tools, leaders plan and host vital, and often sticky, conversations they have been avoiding.
    The result: Builds courage, confidence and trusting relationships to support sustainable results.
  • Our model and coach approach fosters a mutual desire to work collaboratively and achieve common goals. The result: Clarity of mutual expectations and accountability aligns actions with defined, measurable results.
  • Increased clarity, courage, and collaboration increase engagement and leads to celebration of results. The result: Clarity underpins progress. Celebration fuels even more results.

What You Can Expect:

Zoom Learning Sessions:

  • You can expect an introductory session of one hour in length,
  • Followed by six to eight online learning session of 2.5 – 3 hours each, based on your needs.
  • Practice assignments of one hour after each sessions,
  • Supported by an additional hour of work with an Accountability Partner.

Implementation Support:

  • Each participant will have access to one hour of one-on-one implementation support with a professional coach between Session 2 and 3 to review homework assignments and reinforce the learning.
  • Additional support dependent on your needs and commitment. 

Sustaining Your Growth

  • The final session (anywhere from ninety minutes to three hours in length) will be hosted two to four months after the completion of the previous sessions, designed to support your team’s success beyond the program, ensuring sustainability and your ROI.
  • A Certificate of Completion will be issued when all criteria have been met.

This program may qualify for the Canada Alberta Job Grant https://www.alberta.ca/canada-alberta-job-grant.aspx

Designing Accountability: Peer Program

The Designing Accountability Peer Program provides you as an individual leader the opportunity to work on your goals and growth while learning with, and from, your peers in a group setting. You will experience a co-creative, reflective process to help you manage leadership dynamics and relationships. You will maximize your ability to achieve your desired results and have the conversations you need to have to do so.

Experience our Signature Program in a peer group setting; guaranteed to build collaborative, peer relationships to support your growth in a unique environment. As a group you will work with peers as you focus on your development as a leader.

Testimonials from C Suite and Senior Leaders: