Our Accountability by Design Team

Linda Maul, CEC, PCC

Team Coach, Facilitator, Author & Mentor-Coach

The Gentle Disruptor

Partnering with Linda Maul will accelerate your growth. For 30+ years, Linda has been gently disrupting thinking and inspiring action for senior corporate and non-profit leaders and teams. Her innate curiosity, and courage to ask the tough questions ensures you, and/or your team, will enjoy results.

Linda’s leadership approach is founded on her belief that without accountability to yourself and others, success will be elusive. She prides herself on leading with grace and caring and expects that of others.  Linda will partner with you to clearly articulate your desired results, co-create an action plan, live to your commitments, and celebrate your success. Her clients say she is: “ A thoughtful and supportive coach, trustworthy problem solver, intent on being a catalyst for your success.”  

Linda works in collaboration with her colleague, Marguerite Leblanc (leaderskitchen.com), coaching senior teams and leaders using their proprietary C3 System and RESULTS Model. They take a conversational, coach approach to everything they do… evoking clarity, collaboration and celebration.

Marguerite LeBlanc, MAL, CPA|CMA, PCC, PMP

High Performance Team Builder

Marguerite is known for being challenging and compassionate with her clients. She helps leaders get clear on who they want to be as a leader and define the fulfilling results they want to achieve. She helps them design their action plan and do accountability with joy, individually and collaboratively. She helps them assess systemic implications so the changes they make, stick. As a senior leader with more than 25 years of experience in multiple industries and through to the executive ranks, Marguerite appreciates the complexity in which her clients lead. 

Corby Furrow

Creating Sustainable Success for Leaders

Corby creates a safe space with her genuine caring and positive attitude. This allows leaders to dig deep into the road blocks keeping them stuck from what they want and know to be true, to achieving sustainable results.

Corby brings over 25 years of experience in senior leadership roles from the mining sector. A strong human resources generalist background, specializing in employee and labour relations, employee engagement, employee behavior and accountability. Corby’s experience compliments nicely into the world of executive coaching. She is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) as well holds a designation as a Chartered Professional Human Resources (CPHR) as well as an Emotional Freedoms Techniques Practitioner/Trainer. 

Corby Furrow

Our Trusted Collaborators

We believe in collaborating with clients and colleagues to experience the unique expertise each brings to the results we strive to achieve and celebrate.

Our coaches are all formally trained graduates from a variety of International Coach Federation certification programs. Although each coach has their preferred methodologies, fundamentally they all include an outcomes-based approach with linkages to emotional and brain-based coaching.