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The perfect catalyst for your leadership team if they are:

A new team: wanting to accelerate clarity, collaboration and success.

Disrupted: with changing objectives, new directions, new members, a merger or acquisition, etc.

Growing rapidly: excited to leverage possibilities with efficiency but feel the pressure of delivering.

Working in Silos: challenged to meet stakeholder commitments, solve problems effectively or seize new opportunities together.

Tired and complacent: need to be reconnected to purpose and roles.

Our Signature Program

Designing Accountability:
Achieving Results

Your leadership team needs this program if they are:

Avoiding sticky conversations and feel awkward or emotionally charged.

Preparing for and hosting vital conversations with stakeholders.

Lacking confidence and/or courage to speak up and contribute to conversations.

Challenged to set boundaries for themselves and their team; can’t say ‘no’.

Guaranteed results!

Designing Accountability Planner

This Planner is uniquely designed to reduce your stress if you need:

Structure: if you sometimes feel you need more control of your time and results. 

Focus: It is hard to set a clear direction and hold ourselves accountable to measurable results in an ever-changing landscape.

Accountability: if you need an accountability partner to help you identify your top three priorities.

It’s more than just a planner, it is your accountability partner! Allows you to start on any date – in any month.


As a leader you might choose this program if you are:

Advancing: preparing to grow to the next level, wanting to grow your leadership skills.

In a New Role: mastering a new role or adapting t changing needs of your current role.

Mentorship: looking for diversity of perspectives that peers from different industries.

Have a thirst for learning with others.


As a leader at any level in an organization, you might invite One-on-One coaching if you are looking to:

Partner and be even more inspired in a thought-provoking process that maximizes your success and fulfillment.

Unlock your creativity, imagination, productivity, and leadership.

Have a Guide walk with you to help you find your own answers, knowing the answers lie within.

Have a thinking partner who will sit in a place of curiosity, ask the right questions, challenge your thinking and assumptions.

Specific Skill

The perfect catalyst for your leadership team if they are:

Mini-programs for any of the seven elements of our RESULTS Model: Relationships, Expectations, Success, Understanding, Learning, Trust, Sustainability

Accountability to Self & Others, Defining Your Values

Onboarding with RESULTS

Embracing Your Role as a Leader: Core Leadership skills of Managing, Communicating, Motivating, Coaching, Mentoring, Connecting, (May qualify for Canada-Alberta Job Grant)

Other Leadership Skills upon request

If you have leaders on your team who would benefit from specific skill development, the following programs are customized on demand.