What do
people say?

She has a passion for people that truly does ignite growth!

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Linda for over ten years and I am incredibly fortunate to have her as my coach and mentor. Linda has helped guide my career and professional development – teaching me the importance of continual self-reflection, growth, integrity and authenticity.  She encourages me to be true to my leadership style and inspires me to be a better version of myself in a way that aligns with my values.

As I’ve grown over the years and had the opportunity to accept new roles, Linda has always been my first call. She sets me on the right path and prepares me for a successful transition into each new role.

Linda asks great questions and tells you what you need to hear, allowing you to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter. She is such a fantastic champion for your success.

As I moved into leadership roles, I’ve seen firsthand how my team has benefitted from Linda’s coaching. They have grown in confidence and become more adept at meeting their objectives, managing their teams and making decisions that align with organizational objectives.

If you are considering a professional coach, I highly recommend Linda. She has a passion for people that truly does ignite growth!”

— Senior Director, Non-Profit

Coaching early in career

You made a huge impact on my life and career

Linda provided me with coaching early in my leadership career in 2011. You made a huge impact on my life and career as I went on to become a Shift Team Lead, General Foreman, Shift Coordinator, and finally an Operations Superintendent. My Leadership skills were appreciated by many people that I worked with along the way and they have you to thank as you provided me with the fundamentals and motivation that I could make a difference. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

– Previous Operations Superintendent, Currently Online Business Mentor & Digital Marketer Helping Everyday People Launch Successful Online Businesses

Passion for People:

There is great benefit to having a coach and confident who invests in your as a person to help you identify, confirm and pursue your goals in life. This includes family, finances and career. For me it began as career coaching but you develop a relationship with your coach, they quite naturally get to know all about you and the goals you have for all aspects of your life intersect and become important.

What I appreciate about Linda Maul as my Life Coach is her capacity to listen and discern the key issues that I am seeking to address. I have always said the value of working with Linda is the great questions she asks. The deep but simple questions that help to clarify your thinking and purposes. 

One question she always asks me before we begin any session is why are we meeting today and what do you want to accomplish? Over the 14 years we have been working together, Linda has invested her time in getting to know me as a person and to track my life goals and priorities. This is not counselling or therapy. This is a skilled listener and discerning voice that helps me focus and prioritize around my stated goals. She keeps me honest with myself and accountable to pursue and achieve the goals I have set for myself.

— Regional Manager, Professional Association

Choosing Linda Maul as my executive coach has been a ‘game changer’ in my evolution as a leader and a person!

Linda’s gentle and inviting approach fosters a safe environment that allows for frank and robust exploration of what makes me ‘tick’ and where I need to grow. That said however, behind this ‘shawl’ of gentleness, is a seasoned Executive Coach who challenges me to fully explore options, goals and objectives. Linda is a master at leading one to ‘shine light upon’ and expose areas within themselves that have been hampering progress and success.

One of the many gifts that Linda has and generously shares is the ability to cut through the ‘white noise’ and focus in on the root issues, with surgical precision. As I reflect on my experience with Linda, a key outcome of our coaching sessions has been genuine and lasting paradigm shifts – paradigm shifts that have resulted in positive growth for myself – both professionally and personally!

Thanks to Linda, I now have the understanding, desire, tactics, courage and focus to evolve to the next chapters of life, both professional and personal – Onward and Upward!

— Executive Director, Provincial Government