Peer/Group Coaching

What is Group/Peer Coaching?

The Designing Accountability Peer or Group Coaching Program provides you as an individual leader the opportunity to work on your goals and growth while learning with, and from, your peers in a group setting. Experience a co-creative, reflective process to help you manage leadership dynamics and relationships. You will maximize your ability to achieve your desired results and have the conversations you need to have to do so.

Why Might you Need this Program?

Every leader needs to continue to develop their skills throughout their career. You might be interested in this program if you are:

In a New Role: Stepped into a new role, or the needs of your current role are changing, and you realize you need to hone a few skills to be successful.

Advancing: Are preparing to move up to the next level and want to grow your leadership skills.

Tired: Feeling overwhelmed and need to be energized;

Hungry to Learn

Our Approach

Our Peer/Group Coaching Program focuses on your individual needs and desired results.

With a conversational leadership approach, our Team Coaching offers learning and reflection for the entire group through collaborative conversation.

Self-accountability is built into the process, a critical factor to help you fuel trust and collaboration and your agility as a leader.

What makes this group coaching program unique is that we use our RESULTS Model as an integral part of the program to support you to with tools, language and emotional control to have necessary conversations.

What you can expect:

An initial conversation with you to explore what you want to achieve from the program.

Results driven conversations one or two Coaches available to guide the conversations and sometimes challenge your thinking.

Six – two and one half hour sessions with your group. All participants must attend all sessions to ensure your ROI.

An accountability partner from the group so you can support one another’s learning, implementation, and sustainability.

One-on-One implementation support is optional in this program; to be confirmed during the initial goal setting conversation, and invoiced separately from the program.

Easy online registration. This is a public program with 6 – 12 participants. Dates are listed on the website.

A certificate will be issued at the end of this program.

May be eligible for Job Grants