Our Founder

Linda Maul, CEC, PCC Executive Coach

Linda’s reputation as a thinking partner is guaranteed to gently disrupt your thinking and inspire you to act. She has an innate curiosity and an ability to get to the core of any workplace issue quickly.

Linda is a serial entrepreneur (founded three small businesses) and has held a variety of leadership roles in both medium and large organizations. She understands the need for accountability to drive results in challenging times. Linda’s clients describe her as a thoughtful and supportive coach, a trustworthy and supportive problem solver, intent on being a catalyst for success. 

Linda Maul


Qualifications Summary

  • 12+ years as an Executive Coach
  • 30 years Leadership Experience
  • Graduate of the Royal Roads University Graduate Executive Coach Program
  • PCC Credentialed Coach with International Coach Federation
  • Advanced Mentor Coach Credential (Certified to coach Coaches)
  • Certified L.E.A.D.S. Consultant in Health Care
  • Skilled in DISC and other Assessments
  • Co-author of two books, Be the Leader They Love, and No Winner Ever Got There Without a Coach.

Professional Experience

  • Team and individual coaching with senior leadership teams on an on-call basis; focused on results through problem-solving, growing leadership skills and conflict resolution with their teams. Examples: a food manufacturer with CEO & seven executive members; window manufacturing with VP Operations and his team of four; a provincial government department with the senior leader and team of six.

  • One-on-one coaching for leaders in mid-sized construction companies including a President, Vice-President, several Operations Managers and Project Managers, focused on individual leadership growth, influencing others, holding others accountable and meeting priorities.

  • Team coaching and/or one-on-one coaching for three professional services organizations, teams of four to six including the CEO, focused on staying accountable to organizational & team initiatives, supporting effective communication, setting clear expectations, collaborating for results, and influencing stakeholders.

  • Mentor Coach for a team of ten leadership coaches in our provincial government as part of an internal project, auditing their coaching team.

  • Coached a variety of health professionals in frontline, leadership and administrative roles with a large health provider throughout Alberta focused on strategic internal communications, holding self and others accountable to commitments, delegating up and down in the organization and influencing in a political environment.

  • Volunteer In-House Coach to leaders within two non-profit organizations and currently facilitating a seven-month Task Force of twelve health-care leaders for a third non-profit.

What people say about Linda: