Designing Accountability Planner


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This beautiful and practical Planner is uniquely designed to reduce your stress, provide a structure, and a sense of control, to support you in achieving your desired results. It’s more than just a planner, it is your accountability partner.*

It is hard to set a clear direction and hold ourselves accountable to measurable results in an ever-changing landscape. Imagine starting each day with clear results you want to achieve with a strong sense of why they matter.

This planner will help you do your life with intention and live to your commitments to self and to others. You will hold focus on priorities, create task lists to support those priorities, and stay in alignment with your values and goals.

Add the power of daily gratitude and a commitment to being 1% better tomorrow…and you have a definite formula for finding joy in accountability and celebrating results!

‘Research shows the pen is mightier than the keyboard.’ Mueller, P. A., & Oppenheimer, D. M. (2014)., Psychological Science, 25(6), 1159–1168.

Annually…Monthly…Weekly…Daily Planning

Flexible cover, Coil bound that opens flat for ease of use, 5” x 8.5” with 176 coloured pages.

Practical day planner you can start using any time of the year…just insert your year/month/day and start getting results.

Begin your journey considering your purpose and the results you want to achieve, along with the measures of those results. What will bring you JOY in the months ahead?

Take that planning one step further and identify your desired joyful quarterly results and then identify your desired joyful monthly results and associated measures.

Capture your key monthly goals and actions in the Month at a Glance; each of the colourful monthly tabs captures a quote to inspire you to success in the month ahead.

Begin your weekly journey with attention to your desired results for the week, how you will be present, and what difference you will make this week.
Daily capture your top three priorities along with your actions taken, wrapping it all up with gratitude and a commitment to growth.

On a weekly and monthly basis, take time to reflect and capture your results along this journey…and celebrate.

These features are all printed on high quality paper, with a durable cover and coated tabs to withstand daily use.

Product name: Designing Accountability Planner

Product dimensions: 8.5″ H × 0.9″ W × 5.75″ L

Shipping dimensions: 8.5″ H × 0.9″ W × 5.75″ L

Shipping weight: 1.25 lbs.

ISBN Number 978-0-973664-8-0

Ideal for anyone who wants to set a clear direction and hold themselves accountable.


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