Team Coaching

Teams are fatigued and bogged down by a variety of factors, including COVID-19. Team Coaching is a cost-effective and practical approach to help your team identify and implement a path forward when there is no clear road-map.

A ‘Fatigued’ team may appear unfocused, disengaged or overwhelmed to the point of complacency.

As a leader, you rely on your team to get things done, but lately everyone is frustrated. The game keeps changing. Deadlines are being missed or ignored. Forecasted results feel unachievable in our new reality. Team members are not holding themselves accountable and often blaming others for the results.

Our Team Coaching Programs

To find out what is really going on, you need meaningful input from everyone. Our Team Accountability Programs create a safe space for your teams to identify the limiting factors impeding their success, design potential solutions and, take action.

With a commitment of two and a half hours for each session, your team of 8 to 12 will have regular instructionally based, guided conversations, focused on overcoming the barriers to achieving your identified results. As a team, co-create your action plan, identify strategies to hold each other accountable, take time to reflect on your learning and celebrate your success. One-on-one coaching sessions with a professional coach can also support your personal accountability.

Every team is different, so we customize our accountability coaching programs to fit your situation and goals. Choose the option that most closely aligns with your needs and give us a call.

Increased productivity

Increased productivity and reasons to celebrate

For over 15 years, we have worked with individuals and teams, from small not-for-profits, to large corporations with hundreds of employees. We have helped transform teams from being perpetually stuck, to consistently reaching goals with a new drive to thrive.