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The Power of Trust – Jan 21, 2020

Join us at our 2nd Annual One Day Conference with guest speaker, David Irvine and our Accountability Team for an interactive day of learning promised to ignite your thinking and touch your heart. Explore how to drive results through building trust.

Trust results when our spirit of intent is aligned with our competence, character and credibility.


Trust lies at the foundation of every relationship and is the bedrock of success in work and in life. It crosses cultures and generations. It’s the new global currency. At the core of trust is accountability – the ability to be counted on. To get to trust you have to come a clear understanding of the deep meaning and application of accountability.

Join David Irvine and the Living & Leading Accountably team for a 1-day workshop, where you will:

  • Leave with a rationale for why trust is at the foundation of all your relationships, and a clear understanding of the relationship between trust, the ability to connect, and the ability to be counted on.
  • Be inspired with a renewed and down-to-earth approach to trust (and how it is intricately intertwined with accountability) that can be applied to all your important relationships.
  • Leave with practical, hands-on tools and strategies for living and leading accountably by fostering high trust in all areas of your life, and specifically in your role as a manager.

Date and Time

Date and Time
Tue, 21 January 2020
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM MST


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel West Edmonton
16615 109 Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, AB T5P 4K8
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