Our Coaching Process

Coaching is a conversation focused on your needs, your goals, and your success. The most important ingredient is ‘trust’. You need to trust yourself and your ability, and trust in your coach to hold conversations confidential, to stand in ‘possibility’ with you, to coach to your agenda, co-create an action plan and celebrate your success.

Step One: Discern

  • Discern what is not working for you right now
  • Identify the discomfort/frustration associated with that challenge. What is it costing you? … the ‘why’ you want to change.
  • Name what you want. What will it look like if it was working?
  • Identify the benefits and expectations you have of yourself.
  • Challenge your fears, assumptions; ask yourself how you are contribution to the situation you are in?
“Linda asks great questions …..allowing you to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter. She is such a fantastic champion for your success.”

— Senior Leader, Manufacturing

Step Two: Design

  • Design possible options to achieve your results.
  • Consider possibilities as your coach guides you through questions and conversation, your coach will support you to consider possibilities,
  • What are the consequences, risks and benefits to getting this right?
  • Challenge assumptions, consider required resources and possible outcomes.
“Coaching has helped me clarify issues and form possible responses to challenges and encouraged me to find the right fit solution. This help has assisted me to get through some stressful situations and find a positive path forward.”

– Senior Leader, Government

Step Three: Decide

  • Finally, you decide to take action on your option of choice and frame your commitment to yourself.
  • Name the outcomes you are expecting, what you will do, when will you do it.
  • Identify the resources do you need to be successful.
  • How will you measure your success?
  • Consider what might get in the way?
  • Know your coach will hold you accountable to achieving your desired results.

Along the way your coach will be your cheerleader, thinking partner, co-creator of potential solutions and definitely your disruptor. Most importantly, your coach will sit without judgement and hold you accountable and capable of achieving your goals.

“A year ago, I would have tried to run from leading this team, but I have definitely changed from the coaching we did together. I’m pretty excited about (the new guy) coming into this spot. I’m slowly building a high performance team.. …I finally do have a voice. ….I’m starting to feel more and more confident.”

– Senior Leader, Oil & Gas

Benefits of Using a Coach

One-on-one coaching is for the leader who wants to stretch and grow. You may be looking to accelerate your leadership skills, move to the next level or change careers entirely, or possibly start transitioning into retirement or the next phase of your life.

“{Linda) is a skilled listener and discerning voice that helps me focus and prioritize around my stated goals. She keeps me honest with myself and accountable to pursue and achieve the goals I have set for myself.”

— Regional Manager, AB/Sask, Association

Generally, it requires a commitment of one hour every two to three weeks for a minimum of three to six months in which to design authentic and practical break-through strategies to achieve success.

The common thread to a successful coaching experience is the desire for continuous improvement. If you are hungry to grow we want to be your accountability partner. We love celebrating success with our clients!