One-on-One Accountability Coaching

Are you looking for a way through the maze?
New insights to move you forward?

Get one-on-one support to help you think your way through difficult situations in unknown territory, to challenge your thinking, to be accountable for your actions and grow as a leader.

Coaching to navigate through difficult leadership situations

All leaders come up against new or difficult situations they have never experienced before, particularly during COVID-19:

  • A fatigued team that is fearful and underperforming.
  • Processes and approaches that keep changing and adapting, challenging clarity.
  • Unresolved personality conflicts that sabotage results.

You are forging a path through a world of ‘unknowns’ to align your own needs and values with those of your team and the organization’s culture.

This is where a coach comes in. Your coach will be that confidential outside perspective to help you identify success criteria and co-design potential solutions.

It is a proven process that keeps you accountable to your goals, to your team and to yourself.

Describe. Discern. Design. Decide.

Practical Strategies Actionable

Engaging Linda Maul as a Coach

In every coaching session, your coach draws on their years of coaching experience to help you create practical strategies and actionable plans to achieve results. You will be invited to reflect on current issues, identify desired results and co-develop strategies to ensure you show up as the accountable and effective leader you are striving to be.