One-on-One Coaching

Coaching is focused on your needs, your goals, your success and your celebration. You name the agenda, identify the success criteria and the timeline in which you wish to achieve those results. Linda will be your cheerleader, thinking partner, co-creator of potential solutions and sometimes your antagonist. Most importantly, she will sit without judgement and hold you accountable and capable of achieving your goals.

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One-on-one coaching is for the leader who wants to stretch and grow and requires a commitment of one hour every two to three weeks for a minimum of three months in which to design authentic and practical break-through strategies to achieve success.

Linda coaches leaders at all levels of an organization but the common thread is the desire for continuous improvement. If you are hungry to grow Linda is the perfect accountability partner.


“Linda has been available to provide me with thoughtful and insightful coaching. She has helped me to clarify issues and form possible responses to challenges and encouraged me to find the right fit solution. This help has assisted me to get through some stressful situations and find a positive path forward. Linda’s positive attitude and ability to help you get to the heart of a problem has made her a strong coach whose opinion I value.”
~ Senior Leader, Government

“I respect your opinion and the knowledge you relate. I feel you are genuine and because of this I have great respect for your thoughts. I say this not to make you feel good (although you should), but to confirm what I say legitimate. Without the trust and respect I have for you, all of this is just smoke and mirrors. Our discussion about how I react to situations, has been fruitful. You have been able to find a way to look at situations from a different angle. You have been able to confirm and bring realism to the Myers Briggs training by bringing it to my everyday world. You have helped me with prioritizing by looking at big chunks and using the pre-emptive strike.”
~ Senior Leader, Oil & Gas

“A year ago, I would have tried to run from the whole thing, but I have definitely changed from the coaching we did together. I’m pretty excited about (the new guy) coming into this spot. I’m slowly building a high performance team.. Linda, I finally do have a voice. I’m really enjoying Dale Carnegie. It definitely takes me out of my comfort zone, but I’m starting to feel more and more confident. Hope to see you soon.”
~ Senior Leader, Oil & Gas