Group Coaching

Accountability by Design: Conversation Circles

If your team is stalled, complacent, not achieving forecasted results, facilitated conversation circles can be your catalyst for growth.

In just two and a half hours every month  over the course of four to six months, our customized Accountability by Design Conversation Circle can provide the opportunity for your team to achieve success by igniting conversations that matter:

  • Discern the limiting factors impeding success and the desired end result.
  • Design potential solutions/implementation strategies to achieve the identified results.
  • Decide a course of action and hold each other accountable to your commitments.

Expected Outcomes:

Increased productivity and results with cause to celebrate.  Experience with a model to support ongoing conversations that matter to the success of the team and the organization.

This program demands a team commitment of 2.5 hours per month for group discussion and 1 hour a month for individual one-on-one coaching for all participants. This open, transparent conversation will lead to increased productivity and sense of team.

Who Should Attend:

Any team of up to 8 individuals who have the drive to thrive; who want more than they are achieving today.

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Accountability by Design: Developing Accountable Leaders

  • How do you create and sustain a culture that consistently fosters accountability?
  • How do you as leaders hold yourselves accountable to your commitments no matter what life hands you?
  • How do you hold others accountable to their commitments?

This customized leadership development program is a three to five month highly interactive combination of theory/classroom sessions, peer coaching, and professional coaching – truly focused on conversations that matter.

The success of this program is it’s experiential approach to leadership development with learning embedded in work, supported by one-on-one coaching and group coaching from professionally credentialed coaches.

Expected Outcomes:

To develop the leadership competency of accountability; to practice holding each other accountable for solving real life leadership challenges in real time, in a safe environment. This program provides time to reflect individually and as a group on current issues, with a goal to finding effective solutions.

Who Should Attend:

Any leader challenged to hold himself/herself accountable or to hold others accountable.

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IMPORTANT: This program may qualify for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant that reimburses up to 2/3 of the cost of this program.